BCEIA fair return, Jinan Shing Tai Technology gains confidence, full of hope

October 2017 October to October 13, the company participated in the Seventeenth analysis test report BCEIA Beijing Conference and Exhibition held in Beijing National Convention Center. All products are my company to participate in the mainstream models: Model for Smart ST106-3RW integrated distillation apparatus, model STC-302B automatic liquid-liquid extraction device, the model for traditional Chinese medicine, etc. ST107-1P sulfur dioxide analyzer, the new smart steam generator, model STER02 on public display for the first time. During the exhibition, distributors, users units from across the country have entered the Jinan Shing booth, a variety of products have expressed a strong interest. For my company's brand philosophy: original laboratory instruments advocate, practicing caught appreciate very much, have a thumbs-up!

Four-day exhibition period, hurried and short, but gain confidence, the harvest of hope! As the show from the new instrument industry, we adhere to their beliefs, with original products to impress customers insist on doing fine, intentions, really put the brand Jinan Shengtai do deep penetration and stronger, it is all Jinan Shengtai this effort to gain a user's trust and praise, and gradually spread word of mouth, and now we have customers all over the world!

In the future, we can not relax, hot products also attracted countless imitators! "Fear clouds block our sight, just because at the highest level", long-term perspective, Jinan Shengtai science and technology, insist on doing the best you can!






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