Sulfur dioxide Anhui food technology contest, Jinan Shing technology equipment add luster

October 30, 2017 - 111 days, Anhui Province Food and Drug Inspection Institute organized a technical contest activities in the province's food and drug inspection systems, one of which is to detect "sulfur dioxide residues in the seeds." The organizer decided to investigate: the race equipment used by the Jinan Shengtai technology production model: sulfur dioxide analyzer ST106-1RW of food.


Of the event, the company attaches great importance to quickly arrange factory overtime production after receiving the notice, the four food dioxide analyzer from Jinan, Shandong, Anhui Hefei sent to three days. And the activities of the day to arrange product application service engineers, service engineers rushed to Hefei, full protection of the smooth progress of technical contest activities.


Race day, each prefecture-level city branch team full of enthusiasm, threw himself into the contest among technology, our service personnel actively cooperate with the successful completion of a successful event. Anhui Provincial Food and Drug Inspection Institute leadership team around the city level have been highly praised for our products, highly efficient and stable heating rate of far-infrared ceramics, can single-hole regular quantitative precision distillation system, completely without external water or cooling water circulation machine built-in compressor cooling water circulation cooling system and other highlights are three unique technology Jinan Shengtai original technology, and access to the national invention patents. (Patent number: ZL200910019901.4)


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