"The Letter to the Industry Alliance: Rejecting low-quality, low-price disorderly competition, the road to healthy and healthy competition and development in the industry"

Recently, the high-profile centralized procurement of a provincial capital city announced the winning bid results, causing an uproar among industry insiders. Among them, the winning price of several tenders is only more than 40% of the budget price; many products in the package are far below the industry average level, and even fall below the industry average cost line. A OEM product won the bid with less than 30% of the budget price .
This kind of attack of killing a thousand enemies and destroying nine hundred and ninety-nine will lead to four bad consequences:

First, to the unbearable situation of the purchaser's budgeting unit, who is sloppy and absurd?

Second, the development of the industry is extremely unfavorable, and bad money drives out good money. If all purchasing units in the country prepare their budgets according to the winning bid price, many manufacturers will be unprofitable and have nowhere to go.

Third, some of the winning products are low-profile and low-priced, incompletely developed freak products, which will bring extremely poor experience to the laboratory operators of the user unit, and will definitely be discarded, resulting in a waste of multiple national resources. There are many precedents for this type of incident!

Fourth, the impact is far-reaching. From a small point of view, it belongs to the internal volume of the industry; from a large point of view, it seriously violates the national industrial development outline, and laboratory instrument manufacturing belongs to the key investment and development direction guided by the state. In the long run, domestic enterprises are competing with each other, and the infighting will not stop. Foreign brands are happy to see their success and enjoy their benefits. The industry will save the country and replace it with domestic products.

Although our company is small and has little impact, we do not want the industry to suffer so far. We would like to call on relevant national functional departments to improve relevant laws and regulations as soon as possible to guide the healthy development of healthy competition in the industry; we call on all entrepreneurs in the industry to stick to the bottom line of brand development and not take low allocations. Low prices, keeping technology in place, not thinking about making progress, taking the route of internal consumption, practicing hard to improve quality and efficiency, strictly self-discipline with the spirit of craftsmen in a great country, taking industry and making the country as a substitute for domestic replacement, and taking the road of long-term development, symbiosis, coexistence, and contention of a hundred schools of thought;

Jinan Shengtai hereby promises:

First: All the accessories and consumables of the products are purchased from domestic brand manufacturers, and some accessories are customized by themselves. We will never purchase low-cost accessories and consumables on the premise of sacrificing quality;

Second: The country's first five-year warranty for mainstream products: all consumables will be replaced when damaged during the warranty period, and users will not be charged any fees;

Third: invest no less than 30% of corporate profits in new product research and development every year and improve the quality and efficiency of old products, so that users can buy with confidence, use them comfortably, and look happy;

Fourth: Do not take the initiative to provoke a price war at any time, but reserve the right to fight back in self-defense.

Jinan Shengtai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

May 18, 2022


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