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 Regional Manager Responsibilities:
1, to carry out work in the sales area of responsibility, the company completed sales tasks assigned;
2, responsible for the new and old customers to develop and maintain, maintain good communication with customers, establish and improve customer files;
3, customer analysis of consumer psychology, develop effective marketing strategies;
4, conduct business negotiations, participate in the development and contract specific terms of the sales contract;
5, sales director for the timely completion of other work arrangements.
job requirements:
1, has a college education and marketing expertise;
2, love the company, adhere to the principle of integrity;
3, there is a strong comprehensive coordination ability, strong sense of responsibility and dedication;
4, ability to operate independently, there are analytical instruments industry sales experience is preferred.

  Business Assistant
1, responsible for the sales office records management;
2, responsible for correspondence management work with clients;
3, responsible for the company's annual, quarterly sales data analysis and statistics.
job requirements:
1, requires undergraduate degree, skilled use of office, ps and other work software;
2, have strong communication skills, sense of responsibility and good work ethic.

Mechanical structural engineer
1, the preparation is responsible for product design drawings and related technical documents,
2, is responsible for the preparation of the product process files based on product design ideas;
3, responsible for the management of drawings, ideas and modify according to the product design changes, always perfect technical documents;
4, timely completion of other tasks of leadership arrangements.
job requirements:
1, mechanical or related undergraduate degree or above; have more than 3 years of mechanical design experience;
2, manufacturing processes familiar with the product, process, familiar with the design of the mechanical components;
3, proficient in AutoCAD, PRO / E, solidworks software and other applications, has a good knowledge and practical experience;
4, has a good team spirit, careful seriously - Do, hard, obey the leadership of the organization of work.

Electronic Engineers
1, responsible for product design and electrical improvements;
2, the line circuit is responsible for finishing specifications and procedures, to achieve the quality certification requirements;
3, to assist the chief engineer new research and development projects, based on the experimental data and organize experimental debug architecture, product research and development related to the preparation of information documents;
4, responsible for product and communication to solve electrical problems with customers at any time;
5, timely and complete other tasks of leadership arrangements.
job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, computer, electronics, communications related field;
2, more than five years of work experience;
3, familiar with analog circuitry, digital circuitry knowledge, familiar with the basics of the common electronic component;
4, at least one familiar with PowerPCB / Cadance / Protel tool, comprising two or more layers of the circuit board design capabilities;
5, familiar with 51, ARM microcontrollers and other hardware and software design;
6, experienced R & D projects involved in the process;
7, there is instrumentation experience is preferred.

Sales engineers
1, mainly engaged in the installation, commissioning and maintenance of equipment;
2, subject to distribution, has overall responsibility for the work undertaken.
job requirements:
1, with college or higher and have a wealth of expertise or practical work experience;
2,30 years of age, more than one year relevant work experience in after-sales service;
3, there is a strong sense of responsibility and dedication;
4, strong communication skills;
5, mechanical and electrical, professional electronics, chemical experience is preferred, long-term business trip.

Instrument assembly engineers
1, in assembly line work;
2, according to process drawings, equipment installation and adjustment process, a workpiece loading and unloading apparatus;
3, to assist the Ministry of technology to solve technical problems.
job requirements:
1, there are more than 1 year relevant work experience, college education, fitters, electricians, mechanical related field;
2, work carefully, have a good team spirit and professionalism.
3, has a strong practical ability, strong sense of responsibility.

Electric welder
1, welding and inspection work is completed according to the manufacturer instructions quality and quantity;
2, responsible for improving the welding process and improvement of electronic components.
job requirements:
1, welding certificate holders, will Paul II gas welding and welding, welders more than two years of experience;
2, welding materials familiar with the various devices and their corresponding welding requirements and use proficiency;
3, enterprising, high degree of professionalism, responsibility and good work ethic.

Warehouse Manager Responsibilities:
1, responsible for product management and production of raw materials;
2, responsible for daily warehouse goods inspection, storage, stacking, storage, inventory, reconciliation and so on;
3, responsible for sorting out the library product review and assist the person in charge of logistics were loading and shipping operation;
4, in charge of the warehouse fire safety, site location management, implementation and inspection procedures;
5, keep clean and goods within the warehouse environment, neat and health;
6, complete other tasks assigned by the leadership.
job requirements:
1, requires male, relevant work experience, proficiency in driving the vehicle and driver's license is a plus;
2, familiar with the warehouse into the ship operational processes, with materials storage expertise and skills;
3, and word processing skilled CRM system operation priority;
4, requiring hard-working, responsible, cooperative spirit of innovation.

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