Smart steam distillation apparatus
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  • R & D background:

    Steam distillation is separated, an important method of extracting an active ingredient in a sample, which water vapor is introduced into the operating system of the sample, the active ingredient along with water vapor evaporated, so as to achieve separation and purification of the active ingredient, it is widely used in more tobacco, food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries.

    Existing conventional steam distillation apparatus is relatively cumbersome apparatus glass, difficult to install, long operation time, a large energy consumption, and the presence of hidden dangers technical problems.


    1, intelligent steam generator with integrated intelligent use Distiller match, the perfect solution for a variety of operating various drawbacks of the existing steam distillation;

    2, the steam generator built intelligent six-way, single hole can be efficiently steam output control device, continuous stable output;

    3, the steam generator built smart pure water tank, automatic water replenishment, to prevent dry;

    4, the steam generator having a smart design over temperature alarm;

    5, with the integration of intelligent work linkage distillation apparatus may be implemented, steam distillation ended automatically stop heating;

    6, distillate collector design can be automatically quantified, range: 0-1000ml, automatic locking ends distillation;

    7, the cooling system uses a built-in compressor circulatory system, can be a key to start the automatic cycle;

    8, large LCD touch screen design, simple and convenient operation.

  • model STER02 + ST106-1RW (smart steam distillation apparatus)
    Display method LCD color screen
    heating method Far infrared ceramic heating (no open flame heating, water)
    Anti-siphon Have
    Steam output Continuous and stable automatic six-way output steam, dry automatic replenishment design, to prevent dry
    Distillation end point control Hole can be quantitatively set distillation, distillation end point automatically locked, control accuracy ± 2ml
    temperature control Single Kong Duli can adjust the heating power (knob)
    Number distillation unit Six separate apertures far infrared ceramic heating
    Distillation flask specifications Standard: 500ml × 6; 250ml × 6 (optional)
    Distillate receiving flask Standard: 250ml × 6; 100ml × 6 (optional)
    rated power 3500W
    Rated voltage 220V / 50HZ
    Dimensions (mm) 960 * 575 * 410
    Leakage protection device Have
    cooling method Host built-in compressor cooling system, no external water or external cooling water circulation unit;
    Scope Residues medicine dioxide (ion chromatography), sodium acetate, sodium propionate, calcium propionate distillation pretreatment items

keywords: the new laboratory analytical instruments, intelligent pre-processing equipment