Automatic water purification device Tritium
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  • Background:

    Tritium is both a natural radioactive nuclides is artificial radionuclides. Artificial environment tritium from nuclear explosions and operation of nuclear reactors, is a major source of tritium earth current, pure tritium is a low energy β radionuclide, which is the maximum energy ray 18.6keV, once inside the body, due to its longer half-life and high oxidation rate and isotope exchange law, human tissues and organs can cause internal radiation hazards, it is necessary to manage and control their release in the environment. However, current laboratory purified tritium are manually, complicated operation, poor stability, low precision, low efficiency, and the possibility of secondary pollution of the environment is present.

    Product Overview:

    This product was heated, distilled, built-in cooling system, the conductivity of distillate was collected by filtration and other functions automatically integrated design. It can be widely used for determination of tritium in water environments such as rivers and lakes detected.

    Heating portion: six units of work, customized far infrared ceramic mold is heated, the heating power good stabilizing effect;

    Cooling parts: the main internal cooling tank, the cooling cycle of the compressor unit automatically, without any external cooling;

    Collecting portion: it can be set independently of distillate was collected amount: 0-500ml, machine conductivity detection range ≤200μs / cm;

    Intelligent function: distillate reaches the set end point, auto power off, automatic sound and light alarm.

  • Host size: 92cm × 54cm × 55cm

    Rated voltage: 220V / 50HZ

    Machine Rated Power: 3500W

    Distillation end point setting range: 0-500ml

    Heating units Power range: 0-400W

    Built-in compressor parameters:

    1) Compressor Cooling Capacity: 2205W

    2) the compressor input power: 750W

    3) Temperature range: 5-35 ℃

    4) Cooling water tank capacity: 20L

keywords: the new laboratory analytical instruments, intelligent pre-processing equipment