Jinan Shengtai ST106P portable distillation instrument
source:Jinan Shengtai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

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  • Uses: For on-site rapid assembly distillation experiments on vehicles and ships, such as on-site detection of volatile phenol, cyanide, and ammonia nitrogen in water.


    1. Heating module:

    Using far-infrared ceramic heating module, a total of two channels, single channel and single control, the heating power is controlled by the independent voltage regulating module to control the voltage, and the output voltage is stable by the potentiometer .

    Second, the folding support module:

    The condenser tube bracket can be quickly folded and easily carried, saving space.

    Third, the bottle holder receiving module:

    The magnetic rebound module is adopted, and the linear slide rail is used to realize the expansion and contraction of the receiving bottle holder, which is convenient for placing the receiving bottle .

    Four, condensation method

    It can be connected to an external cooling water circulating water machine or tap water.

    5. Main technical indicators:

    Control: Potentiometer knob control

    Heating holes: 2 holes

    Rated voltage: 220V/50HZ

    Rated power: 85 0W

    Dimensions (mm): 460×285×530 (opening height of condenser tube bracket)

    Safety setting: equipped with fuse, fuse protection after overload .

    Six , standard configuration:

    A host (including power lines), the water circulation unit (optional), double condenser 2, two flasks 500ML, 250ML Erlenmeyer flask 2, a plurality of connecting pipes and ancillary fittings.

    One certificate of conformity, one instrument operation manual, one packing list, and one product warranty.

keywords: the new laboratory analytical instruments, intelligent pre-processing equipment