Automatic liquid-liquid extraction instrument, model STC-302
source:Jinan Shengtai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

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  • modelFunction introduction
    STC-302Four positions, suitable for detecting animal and vegetable oils in water or samples with an extraction volume of about 1000ml;

    Liquid-liquid extraction device with automatic extraction, automatic deflation, automatic cleaning, and automatic waste discharge

    Product performance standards:

    HJ637-2012 "Water Quality Determination of Petroleum and Animal and Vegetable Oils"

    product description:
    Liquid-liquid extraction is a very common pre-processing operation in laboratories at all levels. Manual extraction is labor-intensive, low-efficiency, and has a greater risk of inhaling toxic gases. At present, the common automatic liquid-liquid extraction instruments are mostly reciprocating oscillating, 360-degree overturning, stirring, and jetting, and have many shortcomings. The former two require manual venting, which only saves the shaking process, while the latter two easily cause the volatilization of the extraction solvent and are not easy to clean.
    Shengtai STC automatic liquid-liquid extraction instrument absorbs the advantages of similar products, avoids the shortcomings, creatively adopts the principle of closed air oscillating internal circulation, which can be started with one button and automatically extracted; the extraction process does not need to be vented; the extraction is complete and automatic cleaning; extraction The waste liquid is absorbed by the activated carbon adsorption tank and discharged automatically. All operating instructions and parameters can be operated through the LCD touch screen. It has the advantages of high degree of automation, time-saving, energy-saving and environmental protection.
    It is suitable for occasions requiring liquid-liquid extraction such as petroleum in water in water quality monitoring.

    Instrument innovation:
    (1) Liquid-liquid extraction instrument with automatic extraction, automatic cleaning, and automatic waste discharge;
    (2) Innovatively adopt the principle of closed air circulation and oscillation, without manual venting during the extraction process;
    (3) One-key extraction and shaking, automatic standing and layering;
    (4) Automatic inhalation of detergent, automatic washing and cleaning;
    (5) The waste liquid is automatically discharged and is automatically filtered and adsorbed by the activated carbon storage tank;
    (6) 4 groups of samples can be extracted at one time, with high extraction efficiency and simple and convenient operation;
    (7) Large-screen LCD touch screen design, visualized operation;

  • modelSTC-302
    Display methodLarge LCD touch screen
    Extraction methodClosed air flow circulates and oscillates, automatic extraction without manual venting
    Extraction time and processAdjustable between 0-999 seconds; 0-99 times
    Cleaning methodAutomatic inhalation of detergent, automatic washing, automatic washing at the end of washing
    Dosing methodManual loading
    Hierarchical approachAutomatic extraction program operation, automatic standing and layering, manual discharging
    Waste liquid treatmentAutomatic waste discharge, the waste liquid is collected and processed after being filtered and adsorbed by the activated carbon storage tank
    Extraction strengthAdjustable from weak to strong
    Extraction sample size and quantity1×4 samples, standard 4 1600ml extraction bottles
    rated power150W
    Rated voltage220V/50HZ
    Scope of applicationLiquid-liquid extraction pretreatment of petroleum or volatile phenols, anionic surfactants and other items in water
  • Shandong Environmental Monitoring Center Jinan Environmental Monitoring Center Linyi Environmental Monitoring Station Zaozhuang Environmental Monitoring Station Heze Environmental Monitoring Station Taizhou Environmental Monitoring Station Linfen Environmental Monitoring Station Datong Environmental Monitoring Station Fujian Food and Drug Inspection Institute Anhui Food and Drug Inspection Office

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