Automatic liquid-liquid extraction apparatus, Model: STC-302B
source:Jinan Shing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

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  • Suitable test items: Volatile Phenol in water, liquid-liquid extraction automatic anionic surfactants 500ml or less amount of sample.

    The tablet can be remotely operated smart liquid-liquid extraction apparatus can be a key to start, automatic liquid-liquid extraction, the extraction process may not need to manually deflate automatic water repeatedly, water washing waste liquid collected automatically, activated carbon filter is automatically discharged

    Product performance standards:
    GB7494-87 "Determination of Anionic surfactant";
    HJ503-2009 "Water Determination of Volatile Phenol 4-amino-antipyrine spectrophotometry"

    product description:
    Liquid-liquid extraction is a common laboratory pretreatment levels of operation, the traditional manual liquid-liquid extraction labor-intensive, inefficient and prone operator inhalation of toxic gases. Current common domestic market automatic multiple liquid-liquid extraction apparatus in a vertical shock, the main tumbler 360, but part of the solution are shaken by hand in the process, not automatic washing and cleaning efficiency is not high.
    Shing STC-302B intelligent automatic analyzer inventive liquid-liquid extraction using a closed loop gas flow oscillation within the principle, only one key to start the extraction process, no manual deflation times; can be automatically drawn into the end of the extraction or water washing, washing a key after cleaning the waste gas can automatically filter out toxic emissions or automatically collected.

    Instrument innovation:
    (1) first is extracted automatically, automatic cleaning, automatic exhaust liquid-liquid extraction apparatus;
    (2) enclosed within the inventive cyclic volatile stream principle, the extraction process without manual deflation;
    (3) a key extracted shock, automatic standing layer;
    (4) Automatic suction detergents, automatic washing and cleaning;
    (5) waste liquid discharged automatically, automatic filtering tank by activated carbon adsorption treatment;
    (6) 6 disposable set of samples can be extracted with high extraction efficiency, simple and convenient operation;
    (7) Tablet PC remote operation, a key operation parameter automatic setting operation;

  • model STC-302B
    Mode of operation Tablet PC remote operation
    Extraction mode Enclosed Air circulation within the shock, and extracted automatically without manual deflation
    Time and extraction process Adjustable from 0 to 999 seconds; 0-99
    Cleaning method Automatic suction of pure water or tap water, self-cleaning
    Loading mode Manual loading
    Hierarchical way Automatic extraction program runs automatically standing layered hand tapping
    Waste Processing Automatic collection and disposal of waste discharge, a waste liquid via the activated carbon adsorption tank after filtration
    Extraction strength Adjustable, the weak and the strong
    The sample size and the number of extraction 1 × 6 samples extracted standard 500ml bottles 6
    rated power 230W
    Rated voltage 220V / 50HZ
    Dimensions 89cm × 44cm × 68cm
    Scope Volatile Phenol liquid-liquid extraction pre-treatment water, of an anionic surfactant

keywords: the new laboratory analytical instruments, intelligent pre-processing equipment