Intelligent integration distillation apparatus, model ST106-3T
source:Jinan Shing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

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  • Note: The number of cottage cheap Distiller products have appeared on the market in recent years. Jinan Sheng Taizhi buy genuine election can be integrated distillation apparatus, started in 2009!

    2016, the most talked about scientific instruments
    Intelligent integration Distiller national invention patent technology products, patent No. 2016-made good instrument has independent intellectual property rights: ZL200910019901.4
    Environment Monitoring Technology of Shandong Province contest dedicated instrument
    2011 Green environmental monitoring instruments finalists
    2012 annual Jinan independent innovation products (included in the government priority procurement plan)
    2013 Annual Ministry of Science and Technology Innovation Fund
    ISO9001: 2008 international quality management system certification of products

    Performing standard quality <br style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; list-style: none; color: rgb(71, 71, 71); font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 12px; white-space: normal; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"/> Determination of Volatile Phenol 4-amino-antipyrine spectrophotometric method (HJ 503-2009)
    Water quality - Determination of cyanide volumetric method and spectrophotometry (HJ 484-2009)
    Determination of Water ammonia distillation - the neutralization titration method (HJ 537-2009)
    Soil cyanide and total cyanide was determined by spectrophotometry (HJ 745-2015)

    Production standards
    STEHDB series of integrated distillation general technical specifications "Q / 0102JST002-2015"

    <br style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; list-style: none; color: rgb(71, 71, 71); font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 12px; white-space: normal; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"/> Instructions for use in water quality testing and food testing, and because the distillation operation is a very important common pretreatment step. Conventional distillation equipment, heating, distillation, condensation, and the like independently receiving portion, complicated operation, low efficiency; distillation end point and the lack of control, often leading to failure of the distillation, affect the efficiency of heat and fire bottle burst easily, the operation Danger.
    This product uses intelligent integration design, far infrared ceramic heater heating means instead of the electric power while using a distillation end point of intelligent control, automatic built-in cooling water and cooling device and reflux condenser and other professional design techniques, to achieve a simple operation, automatic distillation, aesthetic and practical, energy saving purposes, can be widely used in environmental monitoring, drainage, water samples in the field of volatile phenol Center for disease control, cyanides, ammonia and other distillation operation; sulfur dioxide in the field of food testing and a residual amount of formaldehyde, alcohol distillation operation and the like.

    Instrument innovation
    (1) hole single control, to achieve automatic timing and quantitative distillation Range: 1-500ml;
    (2) closed cooling and circulation of cooling water recirculation apparatus for an automatic, no external water cooling, energy saving;
    (3) use of far infrared ceramic heater or an electric heater instead of an ordinary electric furnace jacket, more energy, better waterproof effect acid corrosion;
    (4) Automatic anti-siphon, let the amount of protection the distillation system;
    (5) large-screen LCD touch screen, easy to operate and convenient to use;
    (6) special order Patent condenser, a double vacuum chamber design, speed is not reflux distillation;
    (7) the import leakage protection system to ensure safe and reliable experiments;
    (8) Get Random six special-made round bottom flask was placed a frame.

  • model ST106-3T (distilled water testing for pre-treatment)
    Display method LCD touch screen
    heating method Far infrared ceramic heating (no open flame heating, water)
    Anti-siphon Have
    Distillation end point control May be set hole distilled distillate volume (0-1000ml)
    temperature control Automatic temperature control hole may, at room temperature -250 ℃
    time control 0-150min
    Number distillation unit Six separate apertures far infrared ceramic heating
    Distillation flask specifications Standard: 500ml × 6; 250ml × 6 (optional)
    Distillate receiving flask Standard: 250ml × 6; 100ml × 6 (optional)
    Leakage protection device Have
    Rated voltage 220V / 50HZ
    rated power 2600W (adjustable)
    Dimensions (mm) 960 × 570 × 355
    cooling method Reflux circulating within a closed cooling water system, no external source of cooling water;
    Scope Treated water before distillation detecting volatile phenol, cyanide, ammonia and other items
  •  Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Center Linfen, Shanxi, Hydrology and Water Resources Testing Center Chongqing Municipal Environmental Monitoring Center for Hydrology and Water Resources Monitoring Center, Liaoning Province, Zhejiang Environmental Monitoring Center, Beijing Drainage Group Water testing center in Jinan, Hangzhou Environmental Monitoring Center for Environmental Monitoring and drainage Testing Center of Yunnan Province Zhangjiakou hydrology and Water Resources Center Testing Center Kunming environmental monitoring Center Testing Center of hydrology and Water Resources in Yangquan
    Fujian Provincial Environmental Monitoring Center Yantai Hydrology and Water Resources in Henan Province Environmental Monitoring Center testing center in Weihai City, Hydrology and Water Resources Testing Center of Guizhou Province Environmental Monitoring Center Hefei Environmental Monitoring Center Jiaozuo Municipal Environmental Monitoring Center Guiyang Municipal Environmental Monitoring Center Anqing City, Shaanxi Province Environmental Monitoring Center environmental monitoring Center Taizhou environmental monitoring Center. . . . . . 

  • This manual focuses on the product - Distiller intelligent integration of R & D background, detailed technical parameters, and the advantages and disadvantages of the conventional distillation unit analysis, the principle structure diagram and introduce innovation, scope and so on.

    See catalog:

    First, Jinan Shing Tai Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. Company Profile
    Second, the intelligent integration of product development background distillation apparatus
    Third, with conventional distillation techniques PK
    Fourth, the intelligent integration of distillation apparatus Technical Data
    Fifth, the intelligent integration of distillation apparatus principle explaining the structure
    Sixth, the intelligent integration of technology innovation and application of the distillation apparatus
    Seven, intelligent integrated distillation apparatus using rules
    Eight, intelligent integration of distillation apparatus Precautions

    Nine, the award-winning and patent documents

    Ten, some users questions and answers

    Download available:

    Jinan Shengtai ST106 Series intelligent integration Distiller No manual .pdf

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