Intelligent water-cooled COD reflux digestion instrument
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  • Purpose

    Chemical oxygen demand ( COD) is a required measure in surface waters, industrial wastewater, domestic sewage and other waters. It is an important indicator reflecting the pollution of water quality by oxygen-depleting substances, and it is also one of the key indicators of the national total emission control One. The "Dichromate Method for the Determination of Chemical Oxygen Demand in Water" (HJ828-2017) is currently recognized as a more accurate and reliable detection method. However, the reflux digestion process of water samples is a process with strict control over temperature and time, and poor analysis will cause deviations in the analysis results.

    Our company has widely listened to the opinions of users and introduced this instrument with reference to HJ828-2017 method. Temperature-controlled electric heaters are used to replace high-power electric furnace heating, automatic circulating water cooling is used to replace tap water cooling, automatic temperature control, 120-minute automatic countdown in micro-boiling state, and automatic shutdown after digestion ends. The operation method is consistent with the national standard method. Key operation, automatic digestion, energy saving and consumption reduction, simple operation and convenient use, but also avoids the technical dispute caused by non-national standard method of measuring COD.

    Main technical advantages:

    Comply with national standards

    The instrument design is completely based on the national standard HJ828-2017 "Determination of Chemical Oxygen Demand of Water Quality, Dichromate Method", with precise temperature control, thorough digestion and good parallelism;


    One-click start, automatic digestion during the whole process, unattended

    Just one key to start, each digestion unit will automatically heat up to the set temperature according to the set program, automatically count down and reflow, and automatically stop heating;


    Heat evenly, complete digestion, visible operating parameters throughout

    Original PID temperature control program, uniform heating and complete digestion. The instant heating temperature and remaining working time of each digestion unit can be monitored through the LCD screen and changed in real time.


    Humanized design, easy operation

    The reflux condenser can be lifted and lowered automatically with one button. The digestion zone is designed to push and pull the body, which is convenient for access to the digestion bottle. The right side is a 7-inch LCD touch screen.

    Real-time monitoring throughout.



    Model comparison analysis:



    Intelligent water-cooled COD reflux digestion instrument

    Graphite COD reflux digestion instrument




    Implementation standards



    cooling method

    Automatic internal circulation water cooling method

    Natural air cooling

    heating method

    Far infrared radiation heating method

    Integrated winding heating module

    Acid addition operation

    Add acid directly above the reflux tube, simple and convenient to operate

    The digestion unit must be added with acid and then transferred to the host for digestion. The operation is slightly complicated.

    Return tube design

    Spherical reflux condenser, lifting with one click.

    Umbrella straight tube return tube

    Return tube flush

    After the digestion is completed, pure water is directly flushed above the return tube, which is simple and easy to operate.

    The digestion unit needs to be removed from the host and rinsed with pure water.

    Temperature control accuracy

    ± 1 ℃

    ± 3 ℃

    time control

    130min countdown

    130min countdown

    Digestion unit

    15 people


    heating power



    Host size (mm)

    700 × 4 5 0 × 650

    410 × 470 × 190


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