[Special for the new national standard] ST109C Chinese medicine sulfur dioxide analyzer (eight digits)

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  • ST109C Chinese medicine sulfur dioxide analyzer

    Completely faithful to the statutory testing methods of the 2020 edition of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, batch processing of 8 samples at a time, automatic timing reflux, automatic acid addition, automatic nitrogen blowing, high cost performance! It is suitable for all levels of traditional Chinese medicine inspection and testing, all levels of traditional Chinese medicinal materials, decoction pieces production enterprises and traditional Chinese medicine scientific research units.

    Instructions for use
    It can be used for the pretreatment of detection of sulfur dioxide residues in Chinese herbal medicines and decoction pieces in the method specified in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia.
    The 2020 edition of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia stipulates three detection methods for sulfur dioxide: acid-base titration, gas chromatography, and ion chromatography. Gas and ion chromatography have the advantages of high sensitivity and specificity, but the equipment is expensive, which is not conducive to the popularization and use of basic drug testing systems. However, since the Pharmacopoeia only describes the glass instrument device of the method, the purchase, assembly and implementation of the whole device still need to be continuously improved. For example: (1) In addition to the glass instrument device, magnetic stirring, electric heating mantle, titration platform, nitrogen device with flow meter, etc. should be equipped and assembled. Many units feel that the purchase of many equipment is cumbersome and difficult to assemble and implement, so it is impossible to carry out this detection method; (2) The assembled devices are varied, and there are unstable nitrogen flow rates, uneven heating, easy gas leakage, and easy bumping during use. , easily affected by the cooling water source, etc., which lead to the phenomenon of poor parallelism and low recovery rate that directly affect the test results; (3) The work efficiency is low, the current equipment adopts a single device, and it is difficult to process multiple samples at the same time. The simultaneous testing of secondary medicinal materials is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

    Instrument innovation
    (1) Heating, distillation reflux, automatic acid addition, cooling, nitrogen blowing control, magnetic stirring, receiving seven integrated design;
    (2) The far-infrared ceramic heating device is used to replace the ordinary electric heating furnace or electric heating mantle, which is more energy-saving, has good waterproof effect and is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion;

    (3) Through the front LCD touch screen, the functions of nitrogen blowing before acid addition, automatic acid addition, and automatic nitrogen start control can be realized;

    (4) 8 samples can be made at one time, and the heating power can be adjusted per hole;

    (5) Automatic nitrogen control function, nitrogen flow can be adjusted independently per hole (60-600ml/min);
    (6) The original design of the "Chinese Pharmacopoeia" reflux condenser

    (7) There is a built-in magnetic stirrer at the bottom of the receiving bottle, and the stirring speed can be monotonous in a single group;

    (8) Can be used with our company's nitrogen generator.

  • Jinan Shengtai Technology ST109 series intelligent sulfur dioxide analyzer product parameter comparison table
    According to the standardGB5009.34-2022 "Determination of sulfur dioxide in food", 2015 edition, 2020 edition of "Chinese Pharmacopoeia" for the determination of sulfur dioxide in traditional Chinese medicines and Chinese medicinal materials;
    Corresponding standardGB5009.34-2022 The first method, the second methodGB5009.34-2022 The first method, the second methodGB5009.34-2022 The first method, the second methodThe third law of GB5009.34-2022
    Product PositioningHigh-end, fully automaticStandard versionCost-effectiveSpecial machine for steam distillation
    Number of samples6686
    flask volumeConventional double mouth 1000ml flaskDouble neck 1000ml custom flaskConventional double mouth 1000ml flaskConventional double mouth 500ml flask
    heating methodFar infrared ceramic heatingFar infrared ceramic heatingFar infrared ceramic heatingBuilt-in steam source steam heating
    Condenser tube structureReflow type, semi-hidden structureReflux condenserReflow type, semi-hidden structureserpentine condenser
    Automatic acid additionAutomatic acid additionAutomatic acid additionAutomatic acid additionAutomatic acid addition
    Nitrogen controlDigital Adjustable Nitrogen Equal Distribution SystemRotameter (200-2000ml/min)Rotameter (200-2000ml/min)Rotameter (200-2000ml/min)
    cooling methodExternal cooling water circulation machineBuilt-in compressor self-circulating cooling systemExternal cooling water circulation machineExternal cooling water circulation machine
    Control methodDesktop PCLCD touch screenLCD touch screenLCD touch screen
    automatic titrationAutomatic titration with high precision syringe pumpnonenone——
    Endpoint identificationHigh-precision visual sensor, completely simulating the human eye, automatically identifying the end point of titrationnonenonenone
    rated power3500W3600W4500W3000W
    Dimensions (mm)735×650×670960×575×410940×650×680960×500×730

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