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  • R & D background:

    Soil organic matter generally refers to life-derived matter in the soil. Soil organic matter is an important component of the solid phase of the soil and one of the main sources of plant nutrition. It can promote the growth and development of plants, improve the physical properties of the soil, promote the activities of microorganisms and soil organisms, and promote the decomposition of nutrient elements in the soil. Improve soil fertility retention and buffering.

    Detecting the content of soil organic matter is one of the main tasks to measure the important indicators of soil fertility, and it also has a certain guiding significance for understanding the status of soil fertility, fertilizing and improving soil.

    The current soil organic matter testing method is based on NY/T1121.6-2006 "The People’s Republic of China Agricultural Industry Standard Soil Testing Part 6 : Determination of Soil Organic Matter", but the experimental method is relatively cumbersome, the temperature control is not accurate enough, and it is difficult to continuously stabilize the batch Test the sample.


    Jinan Shengtai Technology ST308G automatic soil organic matter analyzer product features and advantages:

    l Safer

    The whole process automatically completes the detection process without manual participation, keeps away from reagent contamination, and protects the health of the experimenters;

    l Smarter

    Originally created overall migration digestion module, titration module, 3-axis electric drive mechanical arm instead of manual sample transfer;

    l More accurate

    Digestion temperature deviation ± 1 , titration accuracy as low as 0.01ml, instantaneous capture of color changes, and timely identification of the titration end point;

    l More efficient

    Up to 40 samples can be detected continuously at one time, and the detection time for each sample is as fast as about 6 minutes.



    Product Features:

    The product experiment process only needs to manually put the sample bottle of the weighed soil sample into the sample tray. Automatic transfer, automatic addition of reagents, automatic digestion, automatic cooling, and automatic titration are all automatically completed by the instrument. The test results are uploaded with one button, and the work is more Simple, easy and safe !

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