GB5009.34 national standard special: food sulfur dioxide analyzer, model ST106-1RW
source:Jinan Shengtai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

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  • Key words: food sulfur dioxide analyzer, traditional Chinese medicine sulfur dioxide analyzer

    Instructions for use:
    In food testing, distillation is a very common and important pretreatment step. The traditional distillation equipment has independent heating, distillation, condensation, receiving parts, etc., which is cumbersome to operate and has low efficiency; and due to the lack of distillation end point control, it often leads to distillation failure, affecting work efficiency. Danger.
    This product adopts intelligent integrated design, adopts far-infrared ceramic heating device instead of high-power electric heater, and adopts intelligent distillation end point control, built-in cooling water automatic cooling and reflux device, and professionally designed condenser tube. The purpose of automatic distillation, beautiful and practical, energy saving and consumption reduction, etc., can be widely used in the distillation operation of sulfur dioxide residue and formaldehyde, alcohol content, etc. in the field of food testing.

    Instrument innovation:
    (1) Single-hole automatic quantitative distillation, the setting range is 1-500ml, the error is ≤2ml, and the end point is automatically locked at the end of distillation to prevent excessive distillation;
    (2) The closed cooling water automatic cooling and circulating return device does not need external tap water cooling, saving energy and reducing consumption;
    (3) The far-infrared ceramic heating device is used to replace the ordinary electric heating furnace or electric heating mantle, which is more energy-saving, has good waterproof effect and is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion;
    (4) 6 groups of samples can be made at one time, and the heating power can be adjusted per hole;
    (5) The spherical condenser tube is used, and the top is designed with a grinding mouth to facilitate the washing of sample residues and dirt;
    (6) Anti-suck back function of the instrument.

  • Specifications:

    modelST106-1RW (pre-distillation treatment for food testing)
    Display methodLCD color screen
    heating methodFar-infrared ceramic heating (no open flame heating, waterproof)
    Anti-suck backhave
    Distillation endpoint controlQuantitative distillation can be set for a single hole, the distillation end point is automatically locked, and the control accuracy is ±2ml
    temperature controlThe heating power can be independently adjusted for a single hole (knob type)
    Number of distillation units6 individual far-infrared ceramic heating holes
    Distillation Flask SpecificationsStandard: 500ml×6; 250ml×6 (optional)
    Distillate receiving bottleStandard: 250ml×6; 100ml×6 (optional)
    rated power3500W
    Rated voltage220V/50HZ
    Dimensions (mm)960*575*410
    Leakage protection devicehave
    cooling methodThe main engine has a built-in compressor cooling circulation system, no need for external tap water or external cooling water circulation machine;
    Scope of applicationPre-distillation treatment items for sulfur dioxide residues in food, sodium acetate, sodium propionate, calcium propionate, etc.
  • Comprehensive Testing Center of China Academy of Inspection and Quarantine

    Heilongjiang Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Fujian Provincial Food and Drug Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Jinan City Quality Supervision Bureau, Food Inspection Center, Qinhuangdao Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau Entry Inspection and Quarantine Bureau Urumqi Center for Disease Control and Prevention Nanjing Agricultural Product Testing Center Wujiang Agricultural Product Testing Center

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