Fully automatic CODcr determination workstation

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  • Fully automatic chemical oxygen demand (CODcr) analyzer

    Model: ST600D

    R&D background:

    Chemical oxygen demand ( COD ) is a must-measured item in surface water, industrial wastewater, domestic sewage and other waters. It is an important indicator to reflect the pollution of water quality by oxygen-depleting substances, and it is also one of the key indicators for the national implementation of total discharge. .

    At present, domestic water quality monitoring laboratories at all levels mainly rely on manual methods, which are time-consuming, backward in equipment, extremely cumbersome to operate, and difficult to guarantee the accuracy of data; reagents need to be manually added, which is also extremely dangerous.

    After years of research and development, Jinan Shengtai Technology has launched the fully automatic CODcr determination workstation ST600D , which can automatically batch process more than 45 samples at one time. It is only necessary to manually place the water sample on the work plate, and the instrument can automatically add reagents, auto-boiling digestion, rapid cooling, auto-rinsing, auto-titration, and auto-identification of the titration end point.

    Scope of application: It is suitable for the determination of chemical oxygen demand ( COD ) in surface water, domestic sewage and industrial wastewater by water quality monitoring units at all levels . Especially suitable for the analysis of large quantities of environmental samples.


    GB11914-89 "Determination of chemical oxygen demand in water by dichromate method"
    HJ828-2017 "Dichromate Method for Determination of Chemical Oxygen Demand in Water Quality"


    Product features: It can automatically batch process more than 45 water samples at one time. After selecting the station to be tested, one-click operation, the system automatically completes the entire experimental process, and automatically outputs the experimental result data, which is convenient for the experimenter's statistics;

    l Can measure high and low concentration samples at the same time, cross-process, not affected;

    l Modular module measurement, that is, the rapid transfer of 6 water samples to the reagent addition area, digestion area and titration area at one time;

    l The country's first integrated design of the cooling cycle system with built-in compressor in the main engine, no need for external cooling water;

    l The condenser tube and digestion unit are specially designed, the seal is intact, and the separation is fast;

    l Automatic lifting and lowering technology of the condenser tube, automatic addition of reagents above the reflux tube and automatic addition of water for cleaning after digestion;

    l Rapid titration technology, using the latest visual sensor that simulates the human eye to identify the end point of the titration, which can quickly and accurately determine the test results.

  • Technical Specifications:

    The main parameters

    parameter range



    The detection limit:


    Range error:


    Measuring range:

    16 -700mg/L (10ml water sample )

    Titration accuracy:


    Assay Precision

    RSD <3.0%

    temperature control:

    0-350 ℃ Accuracy ± 0.5

    Sample bit:

    48th place

    Host size


    rated power


keywords: the new laboratory analytical instruments, intelligent pre-processing equipment