Jinan Shengtai released: a new generation of high-precision automatic permanganate index tester, model: ST108M1 series
source:Jinan Shengtai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

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  • Detection purposes:

    It is suitable for the determination of drinking water, source water and surface water, and the measurement range is 0.05-5.0mg/L. For water with heavy pollution, less water samples can be taken and measured after proper dilution.


    According to the standard:

    GB11892-89 "Water Quality Determination of Permanganate Index"

    GB/T5750.7 "Comprehensive Indexes of Organic Compounds in Drinking Water Standards"

    ISO8467-1986 "Water Quality Determination of Permanganate Index"


    Technical advantages of a new generation of permanganate index tester:

    Without the need for an external sampler, it can realize automatic sample weighing, automatic pipeline cleaning, and realize the whole process: automatic quantification-automatic addition of reagents-automatic water bath digestion-automatic titration-automatic end point recognition-automatic calculation results-data printing, Automatic upload and other functions; two sets of high-precision syringe pumps can add reagents at the same time, titrate at the same time, and judge the titration end point at the same time, without interfering with each other, double the work efficiency, and the detection speed is greatly accelerated, making your detection work simpler and easier :

    1) 54 -position automatic sampling tray, the sample to be tested does not need to be weighed, the equipment automatically quantifies, and can realize the infinite loop automatic sampling function, how many samples can be automatically cycled detection;

    2) Fully automatic, high-speed and stable three-axis robot motion system, which quickly realizes the transfer of the sample to be tested from the test area to the digestion area and the titration area;

    3) The sample automatically adds sulfuric acid and potassium permanganate solution to the reagent addition area. If the sample has been acid added, click "Cancel acid addition" in the system operation area;

    4) Automatic water bath digestion. After the digestion, the excess sodium oxalate is dripped back with potassium permanganate in a constant temperature environment (60-80 degrees);

    5) The titration end point is automatically determined, using advanced visual sensing technology higher than the human eye, and the titration end point is automatically determined through the color change;

    7) The instrument adopts a PLC control system to make the instrument more stable; the system automatically completes the entire experiment process and automatically outputs the experimental result data, which is convenient for the statistics of the experimenter;

    8) According to the national standard, the boiling water bath heating method is adopted to make the sample heated more evenly. At the same time, it has the function of automatically replenishing water when the water is lacking to ensure that the sample to be tested is completely immersed in the boiling water bath.

    9) The high-precision syringe pump is used for titration and sample addition, and the accuracy of titration and sample addition can reach 5 ‰, which reduces the influence of experimental titration errors on the results.

    10) Automatically realize the safety monitoring of the reagent liquid volume, and display the reagent liquid level in real time. 

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