Jinan Shengtai ST303G soil organic matter digestion instrument
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  • v Product development background introduction:

    Soil organic matter generally refers to life-derived matter in the soil. Soil organic matter is an important component of the solid phase of the soil and one of the main sources of plant nutrition. It can promote the growth and development of plants, improve the physical properties of the soil, promote the activities of microorganisms and soil organisms, and promote the decomposition of nutrient elements in the soil. Improve soil fertility retention and buffering.

    Detection of soil organic matter content is one of the main measure an important indicator of soil fertility, soil fertility but also to understand the situation, carry out fertility, soil improvement has some significance.


    v Reference national standard:


    v Application range:

    It is suitable for detecting the digestion pretreatment of soil samples with an organic content of less than 15% or the digestion treatment of various food, pharmaceutical, agricultural and other samples.


    v Principle of operation:

    Under heating conditions, use excess potassium dichromate - sulfuric acid solution to oxidize soil organic carbon. The excess potassium dichromate is titrated with ferrous sulfate standard solution. The organic carbon is calculated from the consumption of potassium dichromate according to the oxidation correction coefficient. The amount, multiplied by the constant 1.724 , is the soil organic matter content.


    v Main equipment:

    Soil organic matter digester

    Automatic zero adjustment burette

    Thermometer ( 300 ℃)


    v Operation steps:

    Accurately weigh 0.05-0.5g (accurate to 0.0001 g ) of the sample , put it into a hard glass tube, and add 10.00 mL accurately   Potassium dichromate - sulfuric acid solution ( 0.4mol/L ), shake well. Insert the glass tube into the heating chamber heated to 175 ℃, start timing when the solution in the test tube boils, take it out after 5min ± 0.5min , cool for a while, transfer the digestion liquid and soil residue in the test tube to the titration without damage In the cup, rinse the test tube with water, and put the washing liquid into the titration cup so that the total volume of the solution in the cup is 50-60 mL . Titrate to the end point with ferrous sulfate solution. Two blank tests are required for each batch of analysis. No other substitutes are used in this blank test, and the other steps are the same as the soil sample test.


    Main product features and advantages:

    Whole process intelligent digestion technology

    Both the digestion temperature and the digestion time can be set manually, automatic operation, real-time monitoring, automatic stop heating after digestion, automatic alarm;

    Newly designed heat insulation and anticorrosion technology

    The heating cavity adopts a new type of heat insulation technology to prevent the exposure of heat insulation materials. During the heating process, the cavity heats up quickly, and the temperature rise is small. The surface of the whole machine is treated with anti-corrosion, which is durable;

    Digestion test tube overall migration technology

    24 can be integrally moved digestion vessel, the entire digestion can be quickly removed from the heating end of the chamber, rapid cooling, greatly improving efficiency;

    PID temperature control technology of heating chamber

    The whole adopts 24 aluminum alloy heating chamber module design, surround heating, the whole temperature rises quickly, the temperature difference between the holes is small, and the digestion effect is consistent;

    Large capacity digestion tube design

    The 100ml large-capacity digestion tube is made of high temperature resistant acid and alkali corrosion materials, and no additional reflux design is required for the digestion process;

    Intelligent man-machine dialogue control mode

    The control terminal adopts a 5-inch color LCD touch screen and a 60-degree humanized elevation angle design, which can monitor the entire digestion process in real time.

  • Technical specifications:

    1. Host size: 355mm×338mm×228mm

    2. Rated power: 2300W

    3. Rated voltage: 220v 50Hz

    4. Digestion tube size: 28mm×250mm

    5. Maximum capacity of digestion tube: 100ml

    6. Digestion temperature setting range: room temperature -300 ℃ (adjustable)

    7. Digestion time: 0-240min (adjustable);

    8. Digestion unit: 24

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