Jinan Shengtai ST107N1 Automatic Chinese Medicine Sulfur Dioxide Analyzer
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  • Fully faithful to the statutory testing methods of the 2015 Chinese Pharmacopoeia
    Choice of more than 500 provincial and municipal drug inspection institutes and top 100 Chinese medicine companies
    Traditional Chinese medicine sulfur dioxide analyzer for automatic acid addition, automatic titration and automatic data calculation
    It can be used for pre-test treatment of sulfur dioxide residues in Chinese medicinal materials and decoction pieces in the method prescribed in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia.
    The 2015 edition of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia specifies three methods for detecting sulfur dioxide: acid-base titration, gas chromatography, and ion chromatography. Gas phase and ion chromatography have the advantages of high sensitivity and strong specificity, but the equipment is expensive, which is not conducive to the popularization of grass-roots drug detection systems; acid-base titration has the advantages of simple equipment and low cost, and is a legal detection method prescribed by the Pharmacopoeia. However, since the pharmacopoeia only describes the glass instrument and device of this method, the purchase, assembly and implementation of the entire device need to be continuously improved. For example: (1) In addition to glass instruments and devices, they need to be equipped with magnetic stirrers, electric heating jackets, titration platforms, nitrogen devices with flow meters, and so on. Many units feel that purchasing equipment is tedious and difficult to assemble, and this test method cannot be carried out. (2) There are a variety of assembled devices. In the process of use, there are unstable nitrogen flow rates, uneven heating, leaking, and bumping It is susceptible to problems such as the influence of cooling water sources, which leads to the phenomenon that directly affects the test results such as poor parallelism and low recovery rate. (3) Low working efficiency. At present, the equipment uses a single unit, which is difficult to process multiple samples at the same time. The simultaneous inspection of secondary medicinal materials is time-consuming and laborious.

    Instrument innovation:

    Multifunctional integrated design such as automatic acid addition, far-infrared ceramic heating, automatic timed distillation, built-in compressor cooling, nitrogen blowing control, magnetic stirring, automatic titration, and automatic calculation of results;
    Cooling method: The main unit has a built-in compressor cooling cycle system, which has a perfect integrated design, and is not externally cooled by chiller or tap water;

    Heating method: The host adopts far-infrared ceramic heating device instead of ordinary electric heating furnace or heating jacket, which is more energy-saving, waterproof and resistant to acid and alkali corrosion;

    Number of samples: 1-4. Heating power can be monotonic;

    Acid adding method: sealed automatic acid adding, through the LCD touch screen, tap the screen to complete the acid adding automatically;

    Nitrogen control: host has built-in four-way rotor flowmeter, flow control range: 60-600ml / min;

    Automatic titration: The host has a built-in titration unit, which can be titrated automatically after distillation.

    Applicable units and testing items:
    Chinese medicine inspection and testing at all levels, Chinese medicine R & D and production enterprises, Chinese medicine and other units that need to detect Chinese medicine, medicinal materials, decoction pieces of sulfur dioxide residues

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