The ice bath was multifunctional distillation apparatus
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  • R & D background:

    In the food items and the like distillation, some test items is a special need to collect distillate receiving an ice bath, such as detection of alcohol in the wine, food N- nitrosamines. Distillation process more complex and requires a sample to be detected steam distillation, while at the receiving end of the collected distillate receiving ice-cooling, to prevent the organic liquid component to be measured secondary volatiles.

    At present, most domestic laboratories are used purely manual approach to experimental operation of such projects, the whole process is time-consuming, with a lot of drawbacks simple experimental setup, the use of ice or a simple mixture of ice water processing an ice bath, but a long time the need to replace the loss of effect.

    Therefore, the development of an ice bath to automatically receive automatically steam distillation of laboratory equipment is particularly important.


    1, sample container using custom 1000ml round-bottomed flask, good sealing effect, easy bumping;

    2, four integrated design, the four samples are processed simultaneously;

    3, the receiving terminal with built integrated compressor cooling device, the entire process without adding any material ice bath;

    4, the end point distillate internationally popular capacitive contact sensors, intelligent distillation end point is determined;

    5, the distillate with automatic locking means automatically stops heating distillation receiver;

    6, the cooling part is within the circulatory system of the compressor, the sample may be continuous multi-batch.

  • model STAW500 + STER02
    Operating tool LCD touch tablet
    heating method Far infrared ceramic heating (no open flame heating, water)
    Heating unit 4 * 1000ml
    Distillation end point control Automatic quantitative distillation function, control accuracy ± 2ml
    temperature control Automatic temperature control hole may, at room temperature -250 ℃
    time control 0-150min
    Distillate receiving flask Standard: 250ml × 6; 100ml × 6 (optional)
    Leakage protection device Have
    Rated voltage 220V / 50HZ
    rated power 3500W (adjustable)
    Dimensions (mm) 800 × 515 × 360
    cooling method Reflux circulating within a closed cooling water system, no external source of cooling water;
    Scope GB sample pretreatment method for detecting a variety of wine distilled ethanol concentration, food N- nitrosamine, sodium acetate items

keywords: the new laboratory analytical instruments, intelligent pre-processing equipment